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The Algorithmic Configurations of Sexuality
GDC Webinar chaired by Rachel Spronk, and featuring Rebecca Saunders, Oscar Tianyang Zhou, and Shuaishuai Wang | 17 June 2021
Sharing Financial Intelligence Across Borders by FIUs
GDC Webinar chaired by Rocco Bellanova and featuring Pieter Lagerwaard, Foivi Mouzakiti, & Anthony Amicelle| 23 June 2021
P(R)OTESTAS: The Politics & Aesthetics of digital authoritarianism and protest in the Global South
GDC Webinar chaired by Yatun Sastramidjaja, featuring Julienne Weegels and Luisa F. González | 09 june 2021
Cultural Diversity in the Age of Global Digital Media
GDC Webinar chaired by Daphne Idiz, and featuring Kristina Irion, Doreen Boonekam, and Arie Landsmeer | 17 June 2021
Crypto Art: Creativity, Value & Rights
GDC Webinar chaired by Andrea Leiter & Giovanni Colavizza, and featuring Monika Kackovic, T’ai Smith, Amy Whitaker, & Primavera de Filippi | 31 May 2021
Financial Surveillance & Experimentation
GDC Webinar chaired by Carola Westermeier and featuring Esmé Bosma, Vanessa Iafolla, and Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn |2 June 2021
My Boss is an Algorithm
GDC Webinar chaired by Ronan Fahy, and featuring Magdalena Brewczyńska, Aleksandra Kuczerawy, and Giovanni De Gregorio | 12 May 2021
Platforms & the Digitization of Expression
GDC Webinar chaired by Letizia Chiappini, and featuring Niels van Doorn & Julie Yujie Chen | 17 May 2021
Children and Data Justice
Seminar on "Children and Data Justice", featuring Dr. Sara Grimes and Dr. Veronica Barassi
Universities & Big Tech
Seminar on "Universities & Big Tech", featuring Thomas Poell, Karen Maex, and José van Dijck
Creative Labour in East Asia
Seminar on "Creative Labour in East Asia", featuring Anthony Fung Jeroen de Kloet , Lin Jian, Ricky Changwook Kim, Sun Meicheng, Liew Kai Khiun, Angela Lee, Yvette Lok Wee Yong, Michael Keane and Qing Wang
COVID from the margins
Seminar on the book "COVID from the Margins", featuring Stefania Milan, Emiliano Treré, Silvia Masiero, Kinoko Merini & Soumyo Das
Global Digital Inequalities
Seminar on "Global Digital Inequalities", featuring Nishant Shah and Padmini Ray Murray
Engaging with Online Sex Work
Seminar on "Engaging with Online Sex Work", featuring Lorelei Lee and Antonia Hernandez
Cloud Ethics: Keynote Discussion
Keynote discussion between Louise Amoore (Durham University) and Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam). In their conversation, Amoore and Milan discussed Amoore’s new book Cloud Ethics (Duke University Press) and how it relates to Milan’s project Datactive.
Digital Sex Work in the Age of COVID
Seminar on "Digital Sex Work in the Age of COVID", featuring Angela Jones, Yvette Luhrs and Zaïre Krieger
Digital public infrastructures
Seminar on "Digital public infrastructures", featuring Jack Linchuan Qiu, Seda Gürses and Geert-Jan Boogaerts.
Programmed racism
Seminar on "Programmed Racism", featuring Sennay Ghebreab, Linnet Taylor and Payal Arora.